College Management Software or College ERP System


E-CollegeZone ERP is a powerful and user-friendly College Management ERP System. This software helps you to easily manage your students, teachers, staff and more in your college. All the functions like student enquiries, admissions, registration, fees collection, timetable, library, attendance, payroll, campus, and canteen can be best managed by using this software.

Why you need a good CollegeManagement Software:

Managing a college manuallyis a challenging task. There are thousands of students and almost double thenumber of parents. There are a number of teachers and staff members in acollege. Managing data of all stakeholders manually can be a complex and timeconsuming task. To establish a good reputation of your college you need all informationregarding your students, their parents, teachers, and staff on your tips. Andthis is possible only by using a good college software. E-CollegeZone ERPis not only a good college software. But it’s also very good schoolmanagement software and institute management system.

8 Steps to Quickly computerizeyour college:

Getting startedwith E-CollegeZone ERP is quick and easy. You can start using the software justin one day without any lengthy formal training. Following are the basic stepsto implement the ERP in your college:

  1. Buy the software online or from our channel partners
  2. Install the software on your computer and network
  3. Setup the software configuration according to your needs
  4. Enter student master data
  5. Create Class Fees and Student Fees structure
  6. Assign class, section, semester and roll numbers to students
  7. Start fees collection and generate/print student fees receipt
  8. Start using various other modules of software.

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