E-School Zone Cloud Based Software


e-School Zone is a Cloud based School Management Service by Developerszone Pvt. Ltd. A team of passionate innovators delivering quality to clients always with a motive to exceed their expectations.

In olden days, educationalinstitutions were completely depending on hard copies for documentation andstoring data. This was quite time consuming process and required lot of manpower. It was very difficult to get back up of the data in case of data lost.As the technology improved and computer era started, different type ofautomated softwares has been designed for the 21st century students. Schoolmanagement software is one among them. School management software system is aDesktop-based global application, which helps in managing student data inschools, colleges and/or universities located in multiple cities. Now-a-days,usage of this software has been drastically increased because of the fact thatthis tool can be used from anywhere and at any time by various systems formulti purposes.

Schoolmanagement software services are Staff & Student Management, AttendanceManagement, Time-Table Management, CBSE Result, I-Card Facility, All Reports,Transport Manager, Library Manager , Payroll Management and RemainderDirectory.

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