• Are companies not realistic on cybersecurity?

    Indian executives contributed to a statistical improbability when a huge portion of those surveyed about their cyber security efforts considered their organisation as “above average or better” in cyber preparedness over competitors (see graphic). In fact, Indians outnumbered the global average of 76% respondents who felt their cyber security efforts were better, a survey by analytics firm FICO has found. The survey was conducted by research firm Ovum on behalf of FICO.

  • Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 backtracks, Windows 7 remains resilient

    Windows 10 in September faltered in its battle to replace Windows 7, losing its chance this month of putting the older operating system in second place. According to California analytics vendor Net Applications, Windows 10 retreated by four-tenths of a percentage point in September, putting its user share at 37.4% of all personal computers and 42.8% of those running Windows. (The second number is always larger than the first because Windows never powers all personal computers; in September, Windows ran 87.6% of the world's systems. The remainder ran macOS, Linux or ChromeOS.)